Nothing Gold Can Stay..

Monday, July 20, 2009

After finding and photographing a skin called 'Gold Leaf', I was reminded of a poem I love..

Nature's first green is gold
Her hardest hue to hold

Her early leaf's a flower;
But only so an hour.

Then leaf subsides to leaf.
So Eden sank to grief,

So dawn goes down to day.
Nothing gold can stay.

It's a favorite of mine, and fitting to the picture I guess.. so I felt it was only right to spread the joy. :D
While randomly exploring a sim, I came across a little shop I'd never been to called Tuty's. It has [mainly asian] hairs, skins, shapes and clothes.. and a nice little freebie section too.
Amongst the free stuffs, I found this rather original 'gold leaf' skin - which I immediately felt an urge to make a special shape for and then blog here it is!
Although it comes with it's own shape in the pack (along with 3 makeups in 3 skin tones), I think mine is better. Hehe. :P rich chocolate sprinkled with gold! Yum! :)

Also amongst them, I found these lovely gothic skins. Now I don't usually go for pale skins at all (hell, I don't even go for normal or light tan skins these days!), but after rifling thru the pack of 10 skins (shape also included) I found there was some very nice variations.. and once again felt compelled to make my own shape for them.
Well, being the complete idiot I am sometimes (more then I want to be!), wouldn't you know I SAVED OVER the special shape I made for those gold leaf skins.. and after I'd been planning to give it out as a freebie too! :(

The many faces of a pale beauty.

Sooo.. after cursing a bit and feeling generally annoyed with myself, I decided that because I lost my beloved gold leaf shape.. and so couldn't give it away, I'd give this gothic one as a freebie instead.
Right, so after heading on over to Tuty's to pick up the skin pack(s) and all the other freebie goodness, join 'Give It Away' group (search for it in SL) and look in the past Notices to pick up the shape! Yay! :D

Until next time!

~ Mira

Carrots! Om nom nom..

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sanu is having another of her greaaat quest hunts that I love so much, and this time around it's got lots of carrot-related prizes. Yummy! :)
So check out the Provincial Quest right now, before it ends!

Digging with the molehs!
From Sanu quest: hair (orange), ears, earrings, badge, necklace, belt, shoes, spinning bunny (for body), spinning bunnies (for head, multiple - inset picture) - 1L each
Dress (for all quest pics - not wearing the prim skirt): ETD - multi-stripe dress fat pack - 1L
Nails: Candy Nail - yellow/green nails - 0L
Eyes (for all quest pics): Poetic Colors - Endless Summer eyes - 0L

What about this pose, ehh? really elegant and sweet - except for that big ol' finger in my eye! Owwie!
..but no matter what i tried i couldn't remove it! lol. XP

Eye-gouging never looked this good! XD
From Sanu quest: Hair (gold), spinning bunny (for head, single) - 1L each
Bracelet & Necklace: Candy Nail - Oranges - item camp (20 minutes each)

Also, if you join the Sanu group and add Sanu to your picks.. then hang around the shop for a little while, they have random giveaways - gorgeous little cupcake bunnies for your mouth (below, left)! Just too cute, and they come in so many different colors - plus there is a face emoter HUD you can wear to show them off - a lot of facial expressions which can be combined to create endless funny and weird combos! Fun! :D

A little closer! ..Mallet behind my back? What mallet behind my back? *innocent*
From Sanu quest (right): Mallet, belt (better view of it), bunny tail - 1L each
Mouth attachment (left): Sanu - Littlest Cupcake Bunny (pink) - profile picks prize giveaway
Nails (left): Candy Nail - Oranges - item camp (20 minutes)

Well that's it for this post - hope you found something you liked! :)


Not Free:

Skins worn throughout: Curio - Sunny acorn light [freckles]

..And so it begins!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Ah, finally my little blog is up and running (thanks to the time and effort of my little bird, Ecaria - I'm so grateful!) and I thought I'd kick things off with a slightly larger-then-average post detailing some nice little freebie finds from Marinoco Fashion (hey, it's my first so why the heck not! ;).
I'm looking forward to creating afew of these posts that focus on particular stores that catch my fancy - because some out there are simply not to be missed!
Marinoco Fashion has long since been one of my favourite shops for several reasons, firstly there is the very cheap prices for some truly lovely outfits, many of which include several variations in how you can wear them. The other reason is that there are few stores I've been to that acheive the same level of airy relaxation in the shopping experience.

One such dress with variations - not shown are 2 prim skirts.
Dress: Marinoco Fashion - Blue crapy beaded dress - MF sim hunt
Shoes: HOC - Chunky Stiletto Pumps (color change) - 10L
Earrings & Necklace: Alienbear - 0L
Nails: Candy Nail - Wild Zebra color change - picks reward

With it's large open spaces and a touch of india, I find myself spending alot of time just meandering about, enjoying some 'me' time.
It has quite abit to offer those of any budget, offering a range from casual to formal and everythign in between - alot of breezy light materials and vibrant colors (but not blindingly so). It also has a small mens section, prefabs and some lovely mermaid tails for you aquatic lovelies. ;)
The centerpiece of the store is a beautiful tree surrounded by water and a comfortable little area where you can just chill when you're all shopped out ~ or, if you prefer, make good use of your time and sit yourself down on one of the 4 camping chairs available, or keep and eye on the lucky chair with it's (currently) gorgeous wedding gown!

Vibrant, lovely colors!
Dress (left): Marinoco Fashion - Red Xenie Gown - Czech Made hunt
Dress (right): Marinoco Fashion - Red Claudia Gown - MF sim hunt
Hair (right): Analog Dog - 0L

With some free time on my hands the other day, I was delighted to see that the Marinoco Fashion sim is having a sim-wide hunt that runs from June 27th - July 5th. Knowing what awaited be i zipped over there and started collecting up those diamonds (later, getting some help from Ecaria and my old friend Hardy - even tho we spent most of the time all over the place asking each other where we were.. lol)!
Eight shops are participating in the hunt, and there are helpful signs to show how many diamonds you can expect to find in each. If you love gowns, then it is worth the time - as well as 3 free gowns to find in Marinoco's store, there is also a gorgeous gold ensemble from Ivanka Akina, a chic black and white number with a veiled hat that I just love, and a special gown for anyone wanting to flaunt it on July 4th (I'm not even American and I love this thing - is it weird for me to be wearing it? oh well, i just had to put it on and take some snaps to show you!) both from Ella's Victorian Fashion with two shirt and 3 skirt options, as well as a parasol, fan, party hat, top hat, crown and matching shoes in separate diamonds.

Hmm.. do you think anyone will guess I'm not really American? ;)
Dress: Ella's Victorian Fashion - 4th of July Gown - MF sim hunt
Fan, Parasol & Crown(?): *Secrets of Anusha* - MF sim hunt

I also found when i headed to Marinoco to get the diamonds there, that there was a 'Czech Made' hunt that ran from earlier in the month until the 30th. There are only 11 shops participating but each has 2 gifts to find (one for men, one for women). I noticed there are some nice grungy-type outfits to score from it, but many of you probably won't make it before it ends if you're reading this - curse my not having started this sooner! XD
Anyway, in finishing, be sure to join the Marinoco Fashion group and pick up the monthly exclusive sale dress for just 1L! I ran out of time to snap the picture of it and the wedding dress - as well as a simple but gorgeous lingerie set from the sim hunt - but it's totally worth that money (plus more, i might add!).

Romance in a foreign land..
Dress: Ivanka Akina - Diva gown (sunbeam) - MF sim hunt
Necklace: Bonita's jewellery - Antique Pearl Wrapped necklace - 0L (upstairs)
Earrings (part of set): Nordic Dezigns - (no longer exists, from what i can see :/)

Phew! Well that about wraps it up for my first posting. Until next time!


(BTW - I was so tempted to name this post Marinoco Flow as I was listening to Enya's "Orinoco Flow" - AKA 'Sail Away' - earlier and had it stuck in my head.. but I resisted! :D)

Not Free, but Faaabulous darling!:

Picture 1
Hair: ETD

Picture 2
Hair (left): Analog Dogs
Necklace & Earrings (both): Virtual Impressions
Nails (left): Ibizarre nailpolish in maroon.

Picture 3:
Hair: Sparkle Skye Designs

Picture 4:
Hair: Analog Dogs